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Updated: Apr 9, 2021

There are many misconceptions about what a copywriter does, and even less understanding about how good copywriting can increase sales for businesses.

SEO copywriting services
Optimised blogs and web copy keep you open for business

In house is not good ROI

If you’ve worked in a marketing background for some years, you'll understand that a good copywriter, just like a good graphic designer is essential for propelling any business into success. A lot of companies still don’t understand why they can’t simply just do this in-house themselves and save money. Let us guide you through five key reasons why people come to Join The Dots for copywriting: -

1. Badly written copy devalues your brand

Writing your own copy is a little like spending thousands on renovating a property and then decorating it yourself. It’s usually halfway through - when you’ve wasted wallpaper, made big mistakes, and realised it’s taken you three times as long as planned, that you wish you’d employed a professional. The result looks amateurish, which is OK if it’s your own home - not so good if you’re an upmarket hotel. A professional copywriter has spent years writing commercial copy, so they know how to craft the commercial benefit of your business into every word they write.

When you consider the number of hours you will spend researching a topic and writing copy, versus how much it would cost to employ a professional, then writing your own copy is simply a poor business decision.

2. Your prospects aren’t converting into sales

Businesses often find that they can attract potential customers to their websites, but then struggle to convert them into sales. Businesses aren’t doing anything wrong- they’re just time poor- busy running the show. Nurturing leads takes time and resources. You need to keep talking to customers who are interested but not yet ready to make that first purchase. It may take a year, but if you keep talking to them and showing your company to be a “thought leader,” then I guarantee you will be front of mind when they’re ready to buy. You don’t have time to keep writing to them with compelling and relevant insight, so outsource it to someone who can do this for you cost effectively! But whatever you do, don’t neglect those potential customers with latent interest in your business- nurture them through the power of content marketing and copywriting!

3. It's an investment worth making

You have a limited budget to spend on marketing. You’re toying with employing a full-time marketing professional or employing an agency or freelancer on a monthly retainer. There are many copywriting freelancers so how do you choose? By hiring via a digital marketing or PR agency such as Join The Dots you guarantee continuity and quality. We work with industry leading copywriters across many niches. And as we're founded by Marketing Managers we've been in your shoes and know how to procure the very best. This is more cost effective then you imagine - starting at just a few hundred pounds a month. Give it a try. You have little to lose and lots to gain!

4. You want your true voice to stand out

You know the personality and brand values of your company. You know exactly why customers should choose you over your competition. But boy do you struggle to get that message across and cut through the noise. This is why it’s important to employ an expert who is professionally trained in terms of “tone of voice” writing. Your message maybe what you’re trying to communicate, but your tone of voice is how you communicate it – and that’s a skill! Don’t know where to begin? Start by thinking which adjectives reflect your brand, and then ask five customers the same question. Do they recall the same adjectives? Chances are they won’t, and if that’s the case you need to work on your tone of voice and a professional copywriter can help you to do that.

5. It's about momentum

You write a blog and send it out into the world, and either it works and you’re busy dealing with new business, or it doesn’t work, and you lose faith. You say you’ll write a blog or newsletter once a month to your faithful followers, but you never do. After a hard day running your own business you’re exhausted. Instead of being full of self-loathing, reward yourself by recruiting your own freelance copywriter. Each time they send an email or post in social media they are amplifying your message. Eventually that momentum will result in greater brand awareness and sales. If you can afford for your office to have a regular window cleaner then you can afford for your business to have regular marketing messages going out to all those potential new customers!

Hopefully that’s given you a few key reasons why your business needs a copywriter. It is the lowest risk marketing decision you will ever make. To find out more contact us at

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