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Clearview chose Join the Dots as they were an agency who specialise in helping technology companies. They were impressed with their track record of over twenty years in FTSE 100 level B2B technology marketing. 


The marketing efforts are paying off with traffic to the website up by 40%, sign ups increased by 88% and LinkedIn impressions increased by 23% in just a few months – and all just through organic content and SEO alone!

The Challenge

Entering the busy SaaS finance market, Clearview required an agency to translate their finance software into a compelling solution to both qualify the offer and to drive sign ups. They also needed to “test” the attractiveness of the product to their target audience.


So, they needed help with how to position Clearview in the marketplace and then help with launching the product to customers. With no in house marketing resource, they needed strategic as well as tactical guidance.


Our Approach

Clearview chose Join the Dots as they were an agency ONLY serving technology companies, with a track record of over twenty years in FTSE 100 level B2B technology marketing.


Working together with owner Steve Carroll and Project Manager Lindsey Owen, we went right back to the product and proposition to help them better position themselves in the marketplace.


We reviewed the existing website content, conducted a market and competitor analysis, and ran a brand narrative workshop.

After a thorough SWOT analysis and reviewing the 7Ps  (price, people, place, physical evidence, process, product and promotion), we helped them to understand exactly who they are in business to serve and why customers needed their SaaS product. We created buyer personas, brand personality, tone of voice, and key messages.  

We created new vision and mission statements for Clearview.

Their vision is that they strive to build better business owners by empowering them to have the confidence and tools to grow.


We teased out the unique selling points, such as that they offered an unlimited number of companies, were tailored for UK companies, and offer great value for money. Through this process we uncovered two new lucrative audiences that they previously hadn’t been targeting, namely Business Advisors and Accountants wanting to expand their services, and also time hungry Finance Managers.


Clearview then asked us to help with a refreshed and more optimised website. Our UX expert and web developer and Graphic designer improved the user experience, call to action, and strengthened the overall brand identity. Our SEO and content team worked together to create optimised web copy.


After a few weeks, we analysed the new website to glean some early results and then created a longer-term content roadmap in order to get the most from optimised content creation. We now create regular optimised blogs on topics such as technology hacks for Finance Managers and cashflow confidence for startups. We also create a monthly content calendar, the social media assets and manage the LinkedIn channel.

Brand Narrative

Value Proposition Workshop

Strategy Documents

SEO Audit

Keyword Analysis

Optimised Web Copy


& Restructed Website

Content Roadmap


SEO Support


Web Content Management


Ideation and

Blog Content

Social Media Support

"Join the Dots have really helped us not only to drive sign ups, but also tailor the offer to our ideal customers. On Friday we had the most ever sign ups in one day ever”

Steve Carroll, Owner

The Benefits

Icons for clearview-03.png

Using a technology specialist company means a more strategic approach and increased engagement, traffic and conversion

Icons for clearview-02.png

Virtual CMO services means additional strategic guidance and easy access to all other marketing services when needed

The flexibility of an ongoing relationship and “Virtual CMO” means they have further support when required.

"Join the Dots are more than a marketing agency. They work in partnership with us. We have learnt so much from them."

Lindsey Owen

Chart analysis

The Results

Marketing efforts are paying off with the website now starting to rank for relevant and competitive keywords and key phrases (such as cashflow forecasting software).

  • Uncovered 2 new lucrative audiences for Clearview

  • Improved keyword ranking  

  • Clearer brand positioning

  • Improved website conversion rates

  • Clearer understanding of future go to market (GTM) strategy

  • Traffic to the website has increased by 40% in a few months

  • Sign-ups have increased by 88%

  • LinkedIn impressions have increased by 23%.

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