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OK, so you might not hate Christmas, but you’re not keen at all on the idea that your business should have a Christmas themed marketing strategy. Am I right? Well I’m here to tell you why you’re missing out!

Business to Business marketing in the last handful of years has been playing catch up when it comes to social media marketing. Social media has revolutionised the business to consumer world, and there’s LOTS that a serious, sensible, and well-established business brand can learn from consumer marketing. 

So, you’re a legal firm; so you’re a HR company, that doesn’t mean you’re content marketing strategy can’t get in any way festive. In fact, if you’re doing content marketing correctly, this year of all years is the reason why you need to get on the holiday themed bandwagon.

So why should you throw festivity into your messaging? Here are just three reasons: -

Black Friday. OK, so let’s start with the big one. Black Friday has morphed from a much-reviled - panic buy- retail only event into a sophisticated offer by some of the most prestigious B2B brands. It’s now a grown up and acceptable part of the business calendar across most sectors.  It’s a great way of offering customers a generous gift at the end of what has been the most difficult of years. It’s a way of saying, “I’m an awesome training company, 2020 has been terrible. Well done business owner in making it through. Here’s my gift to you.”

Christmas loves social media. So you think that images of your team in jumpers putting up a Christmas tree on Instagram Reels in their own home isn’t really your thing? Well, if you’re not doing it then your competitors will be soon. The “formal” face of business is melting as the millennial generation move into senior roles where showing fun and vulnerability and connection are trusted values. But proceed with caution; showing your “relatable” side will only increase sales if your message is handled by a professional marketer or comms person and posted on the correct channel. This may not fit nicely for example on your website– there are a few pitfalls to deploying this highly effective marketing trend so deploy wisely, take advice and profit from getting personal!

Christmas themed blogs. Someone once said, “so this is Christmas and what have you done?” Christmas 2020 is the year to write a series of blogs reflecting on what has been a once in a one hundred-year challenge. A series of blogs reflecting on how you’ve pivoted your strategy, or what your business has done to support the local community, or what your staff have done in their own personal lives really should not go undocumented. Customers old and new really want to know what difference you’ve made during the pandemic. OK, I understand the queasiness around profiting from the misery that is 2020, so here’s another suggestion; If you don’t fancy the 2020 reflection angle, then look at the “Your business made it through and here’s how to invest in staff, reward loyal customers in 2021” angle. If you’re not writing Christmas or 2020 reflection themed blogs this year, then you’re missing a huge opportunity. After all, if you’re still in business and even reading this post then you yourself deserve to celebrate making it through and sharing this with your network!

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you with seasonal blogging and social media marketing at any time of year then contact us at

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